Area Engineer Worried that After-School STEM Program Students are Behind on Quota

TOLEDO – Area engineer, and STEM youth mentor, Hugo Berger, is beginning to think that the children attending a hand’s-on with coding after-school program are falling behind on their production quotas. Children attending the Little-Nibbles IoT programming session last week, were not meeting Berger’s rigid production schedule.  “We’re way behind quota, and I… I mean, we have commitments to our buyers.” Berger was happy to see all of the kids working diligently to learn about IoT and microprocessor programming, but stressed that this is not “play time.”

“Nothing is more rewarding to me than to see these kids learning about technology and coding, a necessary skill for the 21st century, but they also need to understand that the world is built on deadlines,” Berger continued. Children in the after-school program could be seen feverishly soldering circuit boards and intently staring into their laptops while debugging their code. “These are important skills for our future engineers to learn,” said Berger.

Berger finished our interview stating that he hopes that the kids in the next session starting in October will have a better work ethic.

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Photo by Kevin Jarrett on Unsplash