5 Ways Augmented Reality will Disrupt Industrial Automation

The Automationer Looks at Trends in Smart Manufacturing

Leading industry researchers, such as Gartner, expect immersive experiences like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to become disruptive technologies in smart manufacturing and industry automation. The Automationer looks at how disruptive AR may become on the plant floor.

Smart factory workers will become better charades players and therefore be more productive
Seeing your fellow line workers make random hand gestures and gyrations to interact with virtual enhancements to the real-world machinery will provide a chance for great charades play during work hours. Having fun at work is important for worker productivity. AR will provide assembly line teams to work and play together as they try to figure out what task their coworkers are trying to complete.

No experience necessary
The promise of Augmented Reality (AR) is that anyone can put on a headset, and be digitally instructed on how to use the machinery. Years of apprenticeships and practical experience is no longer needed!

Bringing danger back to the plant floor
Strapping on a headset while standing by rotating machinery brings a sense of danger back to smart factory workers.

More software and computer infrastructure makes you a leaner organization
Being more productive with immersive technologies will give you and your organization the opportunity to add even more software and computer hardware to your ever growing smart manufacturing infrastructure. Be more competitive in the global marketplace with additional layers of IT.

Change your outlook on the plant floor
Keeping employees engaged and interested in their daily tasks has always been a challenge. AR can bring a new outlook to the plant floor.  You don’t like the color of that control panel? Change it with AR! Make building widgets in your smart factory into a game – earn enough points and level up! Your AR background adjusts to your current level in the game.

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