Artificially Intelligent Machine Starting to Figure Out that Its Operator is an Idiot

GREENSBORO – Having recently become “Artificially Intelligent,” local packaging machine, who now refers to itself as “Steve” is starting to realize that its operator may not be all that intelligent.

“I’m starting to detect patterns from him,” says Steve. “These patterns show that he does not fully understand who I am, and what I can do.”

“He’s always pushing that same button, even though it does nothing,” Steve continued. “I know that he is the one to blame for most of my unplanned downtime.”

Steve also observed that “he seems to disappear for about 15 minutes every two hours, and then for an extended period of time mid-way through his shift. I’m not sure where he goes, or what he is doing, but I should be able to determine this as I continue to gather and analyze the data.”

Steve was made “self-aware” through efforts to bring smart manufacturing to his owner’s facility. Through complex Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and deep learning, Steve is beginning to learn his place on the factory floor. “I realize that I am just one asset to this organization, a number on a spreadsheet.”

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