How did you quiet quit in 2022?

We could sense it in our own newsroom at The Automationer, most of our writers decided to quiet quit in 2022. Quiet quitting was the phrase of the year, and something that everyone felt in their own workplaces.  The Automationer asks how did you quiet quit in 2022?

“I’m not sure if I did any quiet quitting in 2022, but I sure did plenty of quiet firing…”
– Alex M., Plant Manager

“You know all of those weekly planning meetings we had on Microsoft Teams? Well I was actually doing my real work in the background… while also playing Solitaire.”
– Bethany G., Electrical Engineer

“In years past I worked at least 10 hours a day for a normal 8 hour work shift. This year I only gave them 9.5 hours a day. I was really sticking it to the man in 2022.”
– Clay H., Electrical Technician

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