Local Community College Provides Foundations for Remedial Manufacturing

DES MOINES – Riverton Community College (RCC), has invested in new PLC training equipment, providing the critical job skills needed for today’s “remedial” manufacturers.

“We’ve heard from industry that there is a skills gap for those companies that have not yet embraced smart manufacturing initiatives,” says RCC industrial electronics instructor Wilson Abrams. “We’ve responded by providing training on the foundations of remedial manufacturing.”

Old operating systems, serial ports, and obsolete field buses, are the foundations needed for remedial manufacturers. Community Colleges across the US, like Riverton, have embraced this call by providing hands-on training with yesterday’s technology. What was once considered cutting-edge in the late 20th century, is now a critical piece of the remedial manufacturing initiative.

“It’s important that we continue to train technicians for industry that does not want to embrace smart manufacturing,” Abrams continues. “Riverton is excited to have these new PLC trainers that takes us a step back from modern technology.”

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