What podcasts do you listen to?

Podcasts have become so mainstream that iHeartMedia will host its inaugural iHeartRadio Podcast Awards in January. Automation companies, such as Rockwell Automation, have started to jump on the podcast bandwagon as a means to share information with customers. Rockwell Automation even features their senior executives in a new podcast about smart manufacturing. So, The Automationer asks, “What podcasts do you listen too?”

“I like learning about what’s happening on the Street – so I’m a huge follower of the Sesame Street podcast.”
– Bill S., Plant Manager

“Serial – I was about three episodes in before I realized that it wasn’t about serial communications as I had first thought.”
– Raquel D., Plant Engineer

“I listen to Stuff You Should Know, since I’m always being told by management that I don’t know anything.”
– Bert R., Operations

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