Conspiracy Theorists Believe 5G Edge Devices Spread Coronavirus as well as Better Data Throughput

Citing fears of 5G technology providing a medium for the Coronavirus to spread, industrial conspiracy theorists are sounding the alarm on 5G edge devices in their IIoT infrastructures.

“5G has been shown around the world to be a highway for COVID-19 to spread,” says a known industrial conspiracy theorists who wishes to remain anonymous.  “We don’t want to introduce this super spreader technology inside our plant.”

5G and Coronavirus conspiracy theories have been debunked by many industry and medical experts, but yet they are still believed to be true.

Industrial conspiracy theorists also purport to believe that 5G technology will provide for better data transmission rates and lower latency of their data from remote locations.  This common conspiracy theory has also been debunked on numerous occasions.

“No, that is not a debunked theory, it’s the truth,” according to our anonymous source, “5G does bring better data transmission rates… you have to believe me.”

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Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay