Japanese nuclear officials awaiting return of Godzilla, ICS upgrades long over due

Tokyo – Faced with aging infrastructure and mature industrial control systems, Japanese nuclear officials are awaiting the return of Godzilla, in the hopes that the giant lizard will destroy again.

Ministry of Infrastructure officials, speaking on conditions of anonymity, admit that although Godzilla wreaks havoc on the citizens and economy of Japan, his routine return also sparks the benefits of infrastructure upgrades.

Ministry officials state that digital transformation projects cannot commence until current infrastructure is destroyed by Godzilla.  Then as rebuild efforts begin, modern control systems can be installed that completely transform operations into a fully connected system with the advantages of Ethernet networks, cloud-based technology, analytics and IoT.

The latest Godzilla drought has left Japan’s infrastructure intact for such a long duration that it is beginning to show signs of age, and making it difficult to work efficiently.

Ministry officials are hopeful that a return of Godzilla can bring some joy, and improved operations.

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