Signal to Digital Noise Ratio Barely Above 10dB

Brussels – Alarmed by the low signal to digital noise ratio (SdNR) measurements online, marketing researchers are growing concerned that their content creation efforts are being ignored.

Signal to Digital Noise (SdNR) is the measure of the level of a desired marketing signal to the level of online digital noise. SdNR is defined as the ratio of signal power to the digital noise power, often expressed in decibels.

Digital noise has steadily been on the increase as everyone, and their brother, thinks they can create their own blog posts, webinars, YouTube videos, social media posts, and podcasts.  But that ever growing online barrage of home-grown content is only drowning out the marketing signal.

“The growth of useless online content has proliferated over the past decade,” according to Dr. François Calmat, head of the International Marketing Research Commission (IMRC).  “Anyone with a computer or smartphone thinks they are professional content creators.” Dr. Calmat believes that the 24x7x365 cycle of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, podcasts, Zoom, and now Tik Tok, has created such an incredibly high digital noise threshold for quality marketing signals to penetrate.

Dr. Calmat continues, “it’s so easy to get distracted when online.” And at that moment , our telephone interview with Dr. Calmat was cut short as he responded to a Facebook pop-up alert.

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Image by Tim Gouw from Pixabay