Area Machine Jealous of Digital Twin Getting All of the Attention

BIRMINGHAM – Area packaging machine reportedly had a melt-down this week as jealously of its digital twin intensified. “Why does my digital twin get all of the attention, it’s just not fair,” shouted the real-world machine as it began to spit and sputter.  “He always gets to try out new operation modes in the digital simulations, whereas I just have to stand here and work all day long.”

Sibling rivalries have been around since the beginning of time, and throughout human history. Cain and Able, Mary and Anne Boleyn, the Manning brothers… to name a few. But with the introduction of digital twins in smart manufacturing, sibling jealousy is finding its way to the plant floor, and may be an impact to your operations.

Leading industry researchers, such as Gartner, predict that the use of digital twins will rapidly grow over the next 10 years, leaving plant engineers and operators to worry how to deal with digital twin rivalries.

Machine psychiatrists suggest the following tips to deal with jealous twins in your factories:

Plant engineers and operators should avoid favoritism, and never compare – avoid statements such as, “look at your digital twin, it is so well behaved.”

Do not always refer to them as one – plant engineers should avoid saying “look at the twins.” It’s important that they establish their own individual selves and identities within the factory.

Twins need breaks from each other – consider spending quality time with each sibling separately, and allow them to find their own hobbies and activities of interest.

Instill within them the value of cooperating with each other and not competing with each other – let them know that they are there to support each other throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash