SoftProlex Technology Releases In-Chassis Bitcoin Mining Module (BMM)

BAKERSFIELD – SoftProlex Technology, a leading industrial communication company, announced the release of its new in-chassis Bitcoin Mining Module (BMM) designed for today’s high performance automation platforms. SoftProlex’s Bitcoin Mining Module brings affordable Bitcoin mining to your factory. Place Bitcoin mining close to where your people and critical assets are for a more productive and connected operations.

Bringing Blockchain to the Edge
SoftProlex’s new Bitcoin Mining Module (BMM) is an industrially hardened ASIC Bitcoin Miner that is suitable for installation on the plant floor, at the edge of your network. The BMM module will team with other BMM ASICs across your factory network to work as one synchronized mining farm. By utilizing your control system network bandwidth, and industrial controllers CPU resources, the BMM ASIC will work to solve the complex equations needed to find bitcoins. The BMM is fully compatible with industry leading Bitcoin mining programs CGminer, BFGminer, BitMinter and BTCMiner.

About SoftProlex Technology
The primary focus of SoftProlex Technology is to provide connectivity solutions for increasing the intelligence of your factory devices.

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Photo by Andre Francois on Unsplash